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Chilled semen preparation & Analysis - from £50 - £150

Full Semen Analysis using iSperm or a basic Microscope Check £50 Full Analysis £100 Plus £25 for certification

Using the very latest technology Isperm We look for overall motility (the ability of sperm to move properly towards an egg), sperm number and morphology (the form and structure of the cell). In the results we can see the total number of sperm, the movements and the shape of the sperm. All of the above add together to give you a visible reading of active sperm. On this result we can give you an overview of the sperm mobility.

We can collect and prepare semen for chilling whether it be for storage for insemination up to 10 days later or for sending by courier to another location, if you have a stud dog who is over booked it’s possible to collect semen days before and store it for 2 inseminations.

If your stud has a very high count along with quality, it is possible to divide up to 5 from one collection. Sperm is most commonly checked in young males before they can be used at stud, and then with regular check-ups. We check concentration, motility and also longevity in refrigeration to make sure the sperm is able to withstand being chilled for up to 7 days before being shipped any where in the world.

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